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Double Winding HDPE/LDPE Blown Film Extruder Machine


Main motor:Siemens(Germany) ,Brook(UK) ,GE(USA)

Suitable materials:HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE

Screw L/D:30:1

Inverter:Schneider(French), ABB(Switzerland)

Temperature-controlled meter:Omron

Air ring: Double vent air ring

Air blower:18kw/23kw/28kw

Winding type:Double winding

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CX-700-1300 Double Winding HDPE/LDPE BIown Film Machine
CX-700-1300 Double Winding HDPE/LDPE BIown Film Machine
CX-700-1300 Double Winding HDPE/LDPE BIown Film Machine
CE Certifed
CHAOXIN has a number of international certifications to ensure product quality.
Years Warranty
CHAOXIN offers a 3 years warranty on parts
Premium Service
CHAOXIN provides you with the most comprehensive service.
Product Applications
Industrial packaging
Industrial packaging

Product Specifications

MODEL CX-700 CX-900 CX-1100
Film width 100-600mm 400-800mm 500-1000mm
Film thickness 0.006-0.10mm 0.006-0.10mm 0.006-0.10mm
Max.extrusion output HDPE 60kg 80kg 100kg
LDPE 80kg 100kg 120kg
Screw diameter 50mm 55mm 60mm
Screw L/D 32:1/30:1 32:1/30:1 32:1/30:1
Gearbox 146 173 180
Main motor 15kw 18.5kw 22kw
Air blower 3kw 4kw 5.5kw
Average power consumption 18kw 23kw 28kw
Die diameter HDPE 60mm 80mm 100mm
LDPE 120mm 150mm 200mm
Traction roller width 700mm 900mm 1100mm
Dimension/Weight 6*3*5.2m/3.5T 6*3*5.2m/4T 6*3.2*6.2m/4.5T


Our single-layer blown film machine provides an excellent solution for common plastic packaging in the market. Compared to ABA blown film machines, single-layer machines are relatively affordable, and they offer a quick return on investment. They can also produce high-quality thin films suitable for packaging various products such as garbage bags, milk tea bags, vest bags, flat bags, and more. The film width can range from 300mm to 1600mm and can be customized according to customer requirements, suitable for HDPE and LDPE films.



Our machine uses a ceramic heating method for the die head, ensuring even heating of the film. The air ring employs a dual air inlet design based on Italian core technology. We use five rollers for film traction, including one embossing roller, one bending roller, one polyurethane roller (commonly used materials in the market are NBR), and two traction rollers. This differs from other blown film machines on the market, which typically use three traction rollers. For single-layer films, a manual or automatic double winding device can be added for winding.



Depending on production capacity and the customer's factory space and layout, we offer various double winding methods to increase production efficiency


We are excited to introduce our latest product, the single-layer high-speed automatic double-winder film blowing machine, an industry-leading product that combines innovative technology, efficient energy use and versatility.



This film blowing machine uses a double alloy screw and barrel to ensure durability and stability in high-intensity production conditions. Its high-speed screw design (30:1 to 32:1 aspect ratio) makes it excellent in the extrusion process, creating a more uniform film quality. At the same time, our proud dual outlet air ring technology ensures unparalleled uniformity and effect of film cooling.



HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE - Whatever your production needs, our film blowers can easily do the job. Film widths range from 300mm to 1200mm and film thicknesses are adjustable to meet a wide range of packaging and covering applications, giving you greater flexibility in your production.



Four independent temperature control areas of the barrel, with advanced inverters and temperature controllers, ensure precise control of different plastic raw materials and improve product quality and stability. The powerful 30kW main motor provides a solid power base for efficient extrusion, ensuring continuous and stable operation of your production line.



We have the future in mind for you, with an average power consumption of only 18kW, combined with intelligent design, which minimizes energy costs. By choosing our film blowers, you not only get high productivity, but also achieve the goal of green production.


Every customer is unique, so we offer flexible, customized services. Whatever your requirements for film specifications, we will provide you with the best solution. We are committed to being your successful partner.


Buy our film blowers and you will receive a full range of support services. From pre-sales consultation, equipment installation and commissioning, to training and after-sales maintenance, we will always accompany you to ensure that you are always in the best production condition.


Choosing our single-layer high-speed film blowers is a smart choice for innovation, quality and efficiency. We look forward to working with you to open a new era of production excellence. Contact our sales team for more details and discover how to take your production to the next level!

1. Screws

Optimized screw raises the extrusion volume and using lifespan. Higher anti-corrupt and anti-grind ability.

Customized screw keyway and 30:1 or 32:1 L/D double alloy screws with vacuum fire treatment.
Only 28:1 or 30:1 L/D single alloy screw
2. Motor

The motor operates with frequency conversion, which shows its advantages in terms of energy saving.

Imported from American GE or Germany SIEMENS (with a three-year warranty)
Other brands from China domestic market (with only one year warranty)
3. Up-traction

The up-traction determines the Traction stability, plastic film flatness and embossing effect.

5-rollers traction, one embossing roller, one bending roller, one polyurethane roller and two traction rollers.
Three rollers or four rollers traction with normal rubber.
4. Frame

The thick frame makes the machine more durable and reliable.

The square tubes of machines are all thickened with a diameter of 120mm.
The mainstream in the market is 80mm in diameter
5. Gear Box

External circulation oil cooling system and hard tooth ensures the high working speed and lifespan of the gear joint.

Xiaoshan brand hard tooth oil-cooled type, with filter, circulating oil and external cooling pump.
Soft tooth gear box Other brands of from China domestic market without external oil cooling system .
6. Heating

Advanced heating is much better in terms of life, heating speed and heat preservation effect than stainless steel heating.

Aluminum heating, ceramic heating and more advanced infrared heating.
Traditional stainless steel heating.
7. Air ring

The structurally optimized high-speed air ring reduces the wind resistance and make the change of wind volume gentle.

Italian designed high-speed double/ triple vent air ring.
Normal single, double vent air ring from domestic market.
8. Guarantee

Chaoxin creates a precedent of guarantee period in this industry, which enables clients to get trully hassle-free products & sevice.

Main motor, fan, inverter, die head, gear box are guaranteed for three years.
Other manufacturers basically have a one-year warranty.
9. Production

5S management standards and high-end machining center equip Chaoxin with precision production capabilities and ensure product standards and quality.

5S management modern standardized workshop.
Traditional and chaotic production management.
Optional Equipment
Automatic Winding
Corona Treatment
Automatic Air Ring
Rotary Die Head
Oscillating tower
EPC System/Thickness Gauge
Rotary Air Ring
Multi-component dosing system
Triple component lost-in-weight feeder
Single component lost-in-weight feeder
Meter Weight Control
Hydraulic screen changer
Quick type screen changer
Manual Screen Changer
Air sharft
Screw-type air compressor
Automatic mixer
Secondary side gusset device
Automatic double winder(PLC)
Row roller type double winder(PLC)
Automatic single winder (PLC)
Central type winder
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T-shirt bags / Shopping bags
Bottom sealing bags
Industrial bags
Garbage bags
Bag on rolls
Table Covers / Sofra rolls (Sufra rolls)
Shrink films
Flat film rolls
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It's Time To Get Your Own Professional-Grade Plastic Extrusion Machinery!
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