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ABC 3 layer Blown Film Machine

Chaoxin ABC 3 layer Blown Film Machine provides higher quality and more functional film solutions for the packaging industry with its efficient and stable production capacity, excellent film quality and intelligent operation. It is an indispensable and important production equipment for the modern packaging industry.

Composite function: ABC three-layer film blowing machine can composite different material layers together at one time, giving full play to the advantages of each layer of material.

Save raw materials: Different types of raw materials can be used in grades, effectively saving raw material costs and improving resource utilization.

High production efficiency: Can process three kinds of raw materials at the same time to extrude three-layer films, effectively improving production efficiency.

Excellent film performance: The film produced has better physical properties and heat sealing performance, smooth surface, high tensile strength and good transparency.
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CX-ABC-1300-2200 Fully Automatic ABC Three Layers Co-Extrusi On Blown Film Machine


Film width:800-1200mm

Film thickness:0.02-0.20mm

Applications:express bag、heat shrink film、greenhouse film

CX-1700 Three-Layer Co-Extrusion High-Pressure Film Blowing Unit Configuration

Screw L/D:32:1/30:1

Film width:1000-1600mm/1300-2100mm/1800-2500mm

Output:240kg/h; 350kg/h; 400kg/h

Applications:Packaging film, heat shrinkable film, building materials packaging film, express bag film, etc.

CX-ABC-1300-2200 ABC Three Layers Film Extrusion

screw:50*1mm 55*1mm 60*1mm/60*2mm 65*1mm/65*2mm 70*1mm

Film with:600-2000mm


Applications:express bag、heat shrink film、greenhouse film

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It's Time To Get Your Own Professional-Grade Plastic Extrusion Machinery!
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