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Mono Layer Blown Film Machine

Our mono layer blown film machine are suitable for producing high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE) films. The film blowing machine can be equipped with an EMS system to monitor and adjust the extrusion process in real time to ensure the stability of the film.

Chaoxin mono layer blown film machine is famous for its high efficiency, stability and production of high-quality films. It is your trustworthy partner in the film field.

Simple operation: Relatively simple structure, easy to operate, easy to master and maintain.

Low cost: Compared with multi-layer film blowing machine,lower investment cost.

Wide range of applications: Suitable for producing some basic plastic film products, such as garbage bags, shopping bags, agricultural covering films, etc.

High flexibility: Strong production flexibility,can adjust the thickness and width of the film as needed.

Low energy consumption: The energy consumption is relatively small.
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High Speed LDPE/HDPE Blown film machine (With EMS)


Film width:800-1200mm/1000-1500mm/1200-2000mm

Film thickness:0.006-0.10mm

Applications:T-shirt bag、flat bag

CX-1300-2200 Farmland Blown Film Machine


Film width:800-1200mm/1000-1600mm/1200-2100mm

Film thickness:0.006-0.03mm

Applications:agriculture film

CX-700-1300 Double Winding HDPE/LDPE BIown Film Machine


Film with:300-1200mm


Applications:heat shrink film、greenhouse film

CX-700-1300 LDPE/HDPE Blown Film Machine


Film with:100-600mm/ 400-800mm/ 500-1000mm

Film thickness:0.006-0.10mm

Applications:T-shirt bag、garbage bags

CX-1100-1600 High Speed LDPE / HDPE Blown Film Machine


Film with:500-1500mm


Applications:T-shirt bag、flat bag

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It's Time To Get Your Own Professional-Grade Plastic Extrusion Machinery!
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