It's Time To Get Your Own Professional-Grade Plastic Extrusion Machinery!

Chaoxin's High-Precision Spare Parts

Please browse our spare parts page to see our extensive catalog and easily order the spare parts you need. Choose Chauxin for all your film blowing machine spare parts needs and experience the superior quality and service that makes the difference.

Oscillating Tower
Oscillating Tower

EPC System/Thickness Gauge
EPC System/Thickness Gauge

Rotary Air Ring
Rotary Air Ring

Multi-Component Dosing System
Multi-Component Dosing System

Triple Component Lost-In-Weight Feeder
Triple Component Lost-In-Weight Feeder

Single Component Lost-In-Weight Feeder
Single Component Lost-In-Weight Feeder

Meter Weight Control
Meter Weight Control

Hydraulic Screen Changer
Hydraulic Screen Changer

Quick Type Screen Changer
Quick Type Screen Changer

Manual Screen Changer
Manual Screen Changer

Air Sharft
Air Sharft

Screw-Type Air Compressor
Screw-Type Air Compressor

Blown Film Machine
CHAOXIN manufactures blown film machines designed for extrusion use, and our blown film machines offer industry-leading advantages. The types of blown film machines produced include biodegradable blown film machine, three-layers co extrusion blown film machine, ABA blown film machine etc, developed for you by our mechanical engineering experts.
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Key advantage of our machine is its exceptional stability. Each accessory is carefully selected to ensure perfect matching and compatibility, resulting in a highly stable performance.

Siemens motors

Inverters from ABB or Schneider

Slotted screw combined with speed reducer, improve the stability of operation

Cast aluminum screw heating for stable temperature control

Customized die head produces more accurate

Draw rolls are set up with five rolls

Customized core roll material to reduce wrinkles

Omron temperature control system for precise temperature control

Our Products
Our machine is highly energy-efficient, consuming 30% less energy than competitors. This leads to significant cost savings for customers.
Additionally, our machine has a higher output, exceeding competitors by 20-30%, enabling customers to meet production targets more efficiently.

Energy Save 10-30%

Increase Output Capacity 20-50%

We offer exceptional after-sales service,with technical support, training, and maintenance. Our new blown film machines have a three-year warranty on major parts.
When customers purchase our machine, they will also receive the corresponding excellent raw material formula data. This information will enable them to achieve optimal results and enhance the quality of their film production.

Warranty 3 Years

Obtain raw material recipe data

By choosing one of our blown film machines, customers can achieve superior performance, significant cost savings and greater overall efficiency in their film production process.
Our team is committed to providing reliable, efficient equipment that meets the changing needs of our customers in the industry.

Quality R&D Team

Professional Sales Team

Experienced assembly team

Please fill out our inquiry form and one of our specialists will be right with you!
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Parts FAQ

Could you provide more details about the warranty period?

The warranty period for our core components is three years, covering motors and other vital components. This extended warranty provides greater reassurance for your investment.

How efficient is the production output of your blown film machines, and is the operation user-friendly?

Our machines boast an output exceeding industry standards and are user-friendly in operation. We also offer training and technical support to ensure you can maximize the potential of the machine.

Do you have success stories or client testimonials?

Certainly, we have numerous satisfied client testimonials and success stories that we can provide for your reference.

How can I get in touch for more information?

Feel free to contact us through the Alibaba platform's online messaging feature. You can also find our contact details on our official webpage. We are ready to provide detailed information and answer any queries you may have.

How about after-sales service? How long is the machine warranty?

After you buy our machine, we guarantee lifetime after-sale service, you can callus or send us an email to ask any questions about the machine. Three-year warrantyfor the five parts of the blown film machine (motor, inverter, gear box, blower, diehead).

Where is your factory? How can l visit there? Do you support online factory in-spection?

Our factory is located in Pingyang City, Zhejiang Province, China, about one hourfrom Shanghai by air. Warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit us,we also support 3D online factory inspection.

Does your factory need agents? What are the thresholds?

We need to recruit agents, welcome to inquire for more details.

How long is your delivery time and how many machines can you produce per month?

Normally delivered within 30 days.We can produce up to 100 sets machine per month.

How long can your machine work continuously?

Our machines can work 24 hours a day without stopping, which not only increas-es production but also saves energy.
It's Time To Get Your Own Professional-Grade Plastic Extrusion Machinery!
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