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ABA Blown Film Machine

Chaoxin ABA film blowing machine adopts ABA co-extrusion technology to give the film more diversified performance and application characteristics. It is one of the key production equipment in the modern packaging industry, providing reliable solutions for product packaging and protection, and promoting the development and innovation of the industry.

Energy efficient: Reduce costs, save resources while ensuring the stretchability and uniformity of the film

Saving raw materials: Through the design of the ABA structure, recycled materials can be used in the center layer.

A layer material: Generally reinforced materials or functional materials, which give the film more functionality and application advantages.

High production efficiency: Multiple layers of film can be extruded at the same time to improve production efficiency.
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CX-ABA-700-1100 ABA Blown Film Machine


Film with:200-1000mm


Applications:T-shirt bag、flat bag

CX-ABA-900-2200 ABA Blown Film Machine

Screw L/D:32:1/30:1

Film width:600-1200mm/1000-1500mm/1400-1900mm

Film thickness:0.006-0.10mm

Applications:T-shirt bag、garbage bags

CX-ABA-1100-2200 LDPE/HDPE High Speed ABA Blown Film Machine

Screw L/D:32:1/30:1

Film width:400-800mm/ 500-1000mm/ 600-1200mm

Film thickness:0.006-0.10mm

Applications:T-shirt bag、garbage bags

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Common Filling Materials for ABA Blown Film Machine

When filling, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of filler added due to the needs of the final product of the film. It is recommended to carry out sufficient experiments and adjustments to ensure that the filling material can fully perform the specific requirements.

CaCO3 is a common filler that can increase the strength of thin films, reduce hardness, and lower the hardness.
Mica has high thin membrane barrier performance and mechanical performance.
Glass Microbeads
Glass microbeads can be added to improve thin film light sensitivity, transparency and mechanical performance.
SiO2 is a type of filler with high barrier properties and heat resistance.
Aluminum Powder
Addition of iron powder improves thin film barrier performance, electrical conductivity and heat resistance.
Calcium Acid Iron (CaCO3)
similar to iron powder, caCO3 can be used to provide high thin-film hardness, softness and low final strength.
Compound Matrix
The filling content is different, the composite matrix is similar to the base composite, but has different characteristics, and can be used to improve thin film performance, as well as strengthen mechanical performance or high crack resistance.
Proportion of Blown Film Raw Materials

These formulas can be appropriately adjusted according to the actual needs of customers. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us. We have experts with many years of formulation experience who can provide professional opinions and suggestions!

The raw material formula of the film blowing machine is one of the core competitiveness of the company!

Calcium powder (CaCO3): 5-40%
Mica: 1-10%
Glass beads: 1-15%
Silica (SiO2): 1-10% (the specific amount added will vary depending on the specific application)
Aluminum powder: 1-10%
Polymer masterbatch: 1-30% (the specific amount added will vary according to the properties of the polymer masterbatch used)
ABA Blown Film Machine Saves Production Costs

Since the current market competition for PE plastic packaging films is very fierce, and the blown film bag making industry is an industry that achieves large-scale market competition based on large-scale production, so production capacity and cost are particularly important.

The three-layer structure of the ABA blown film machine can achieve the same thickness and strength of film with less raw materials, effectively saving raw material costs.

Compared with traditional single-layer film blowing machines, production efficiency and capacity are greatly improved. Compared with the ABC three-layer machine, the ABA blown film machine is also more economical because there is one less extruder.

It's Time To Get Your Own Professional-Grade Plastic Extrusion Machinery!
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