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Why does the blown film machine leak when using recycled material for film blowing?

Publish Time: 2024-03-29 15:08
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In the plastic processing industry, the film blowing machine is an important equipment for the production of various specifications of plastic film. In the actual production process, when the recycled material is used to blow film, sometimes the problem of air leakage of the film blowing machine will be encountered. Air leakage not only affects production efficiency and product quality, but also may cause waste of resources and environmental pollution.


1.Causes of air leakage of recycled material by blowing film machine


(1). Recycled material quality problems: recycled material may contain impurities, not fully melted particles or other substances that do not meet the requirements, which will form holes or weak points during the film blowing process, resulting in air leakage.

(2). the melting temperature is not appropriate: the melting temperature of the recycled material may be different from that of the raw material, if the temperature is too high or too low, it may lead to uneven melting, and then produce bubbles or loopholes in the film blowing process.

(3). Improper design or maintenance of the die head: unreasonable design or improper maintenance of the die head, such as die wear, die gap is too large, etc., may lead to air leakage in the extrusion process of recycled material.

(4). Unstable blowing pressure: The instability of blowing pressure may lead to uneven formation of membrane bubbles, resulting in gas leakage.

2.The method to solve the air leakage of recycled material in blowing film machine


(1). Optimize the quality of recycled materials: the recycled materials are screened and pre-treated to remove impurities and substances that do not meet the requirements and improve the quality of recycled materials.

(2). Adjust the melting temperature: according to the characteristics of the recycled material, adjust the melting temperature to ensure that the recycled material can be evenly melted.

(3). Optimize the design and maintenance of the die head: regularly check the wear of the die head, adjust the gap of the die head in time to ensure that the design and maintenance of the die head meet the production requirements.

(4). Stable blowing pressure: Optimize and debug the blowing system to ensure that the blowing pressure is stable and avoid air leakage.



3.How does Chaoxin deal with blown film machine air leaks?


Many plastic processing enterprises find that there is a problem of air leakage when they use film blowing machines to produce recycled film. After analysis, it is found that the recycled material contains more impurities and incomplete melted particles.

In response to this problem, Chaoxin have taken measures to optimize the quality of recycled materials, screened and pre-treated recycled materials, and removed impurities and substances that do not meet the requirements. At the same time, the melting temperature and blowing pressure are also adjusted to strengthen the maintenance of the die head. 

After the implementation of these measures, the problem of air leakage has been effectively solved, and the production efficiency and product quality have been significantly improved.

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